Create your own Customized Church Calendar.
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The only church calendar on the market that lets you effortlessly add images from the largest library of church-specific graphics in order to highlight and feature special events or days.

Because the calendar is fully customizable, you can adapt its look and feel to fit your church. Upload your church's logo, customize your fonts, colors and more.

No other church calendar is as good at resource management as ours. Our calendar is the only fully online calendar that manages resources, such as rooms, equipment, personnel, and will even instantly alert you of any resource schedule conflicts.

Add the calendar to your church's websites in just minutes. If you don't have a church website, don't worry — we provide custom URLs for your calendar for easy access from any web browser or mobile device.

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Add a link to your website, add events and watch your church calendar in action. Event details

Receive a custom web address.
Your church members can go directly to your calendar using a uniquely assigned web address or you can link your existing website to any of our 4 calendar views. Plus, you’ll see no additional hosting fees.

View from anywhere, no app required.
Because the calendar is completely accessible through the website, there are no downloads required. The calendar works flawlessly on your members' phones — no additional app required.

Add a custom domain.
If you already own a custom domain (e.g. and wish to use that instead of the custom web address, simply point your church calendar to your own domain using our set up wizard. It’s that simple.

Ad-free and secure.
MyChurch Events is jam-packed with more than a dozen time-saving extras, such as email alerts, a quick way to schedule recurring events years in advance, and much, much more!

Try it RISK-FREE for 30 days