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With My Church Events, we provide an important tool to organize and share featured events within your church year. Our online calendar features provide robust visibility of featured events for your church members, volunteers, church staff and community. No other church management resource has as many varieties of options yet remains simple and intuitive to set up, share and maintain.

Online Church Calendar Mobile Friendly icon

Fresh, Clean Mobile Experience

All our mobile-friendly member views make it even easier to keep up to date on important dates and information.

Online Church Calendar Add Events icon

Add or Edit an Event from Your Mobile Device

Add and edit events from any device — including your mobile phone! Need to make a schedule adjustment? No problem. You now have the flexibility to make those updates anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Customize your church calendar for members, staff and volunteers.

Customize Your Calendar's Look and Feel

Make the calendar your own by adding your church's information and logo at the top of the calendar. You can even change the font, colors and graphics to reflect your church's style.

Online Church Calendar Event images icon

Add Unlimited Church-Specific Images

My Church Events is the only church calendar on the market that allows you to effortlessly add images from the largest library of church-specific graphics in order to highlight and feature special events or days.

Share your church calendar in a variety of ways.

Share Your Church Event Calendar

Add the calendar to your church's website in minutes. Don't have a church website? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've provided custom URLs for your calendar so you can have easy access from any web browser or mobile device.

Add your online calendar to your personal calendars icon

Add a Calendar

Your members can easily add any of your church's calendar events directly to their own personal calendars including Outlook, Google and iOS calendars.

Online Church Calendar Multiple Editors icon

Add Multiple Editors

You can add up to three additional editors to your account, for no extra cost. This is perfect for engaging extra help to add and maintain your church events.

Easy to print church calendar

Print Calendar Options

Use our Print view to print a paper version of your calendar. We also provide the ability to export your online calendar to Word to add to your church publications or to Excel for easy viewing at staff meetings.

Online church calendar that is security is priority icon

Safe and Secure Environment

Never worry about someone tampering with your church calendar. Only the people you authorize can add to or edit the calendar information.

Events based calendar with sort order feature

Sort Order of Events

Organize your calendar events on a particular day so that they appear in the order of your choice.

Embed our online calendar into your church website

Embed the Calendar on a Website

My Church Events includes an iframe-based embedding system. An iframe can be used to load your events calendar within your church’s website.

Church calendar can be personalized with your information

Personalize the Calendar Header

Within our calendar options, it’s easy to add your church logo, include scrolling featured events, choose colors and fonts, add a monthly image and more.

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Online Church Calendar Private Events icon

Private Events

Keep your private events just that — private — with our Private Events feature. You can choose to make certain events password-protected so only people (such as clergy, staff and leaders) with that password can view them.

Add directions to a church event icon

Event Directions

Now you can provide easy-to-follow directions for any event. My Church Events includes a mapping software that allows you to provide door-to-door directions for an event at any location.

Create recurring events in your online church calendar

Recurring Events

Don't spend hours adding the same event month after month. We let you flag any event or activity as a recurring event, so it does the scheduling for you. You can have the events appear on the designated days for a year or even two years ahead.

Interest groups can have their own church calendar

Add Unlimited Special Interest Groups

Organize your events even more by sorting them into unlimited interest groups. This allows you to create calendars that show only the events for the specific interest groups or ministries you want. No more clutter.

Online Church Calendar Manage Your Resources icon

Unlimited Church Resources Management

No other church calendar is as good at resource management as ours. Our calendar is the only fully online calendar that manages resources such as rooms, equipment and personnel, and will alert you instantly if any resource or schedule conflicts with another.

Sign-up forms for any church event to gauge participation

Online Feedback Forms

With submission forms, you can gauge participation or attendance information for any event on your church calendar. This feature is perfect for events that would require sign-ups such as vacation Bible school volunteers or potluck suppers.

Share your calendar events to social media icon

Share Events with Twitter and Facebook

Don’t be out of the loop — connect with your members by posting on your Facebook wall, or "tweet" an event on Twitter with just the click of a button!

Easy to manage and update holidays in your events calendar icon

Manage Holiday Listings

Add or remove National and Christian Holidays and Observances within the church year, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter and more.

Online Church Calendar Advertisement Free icon

Ad-Free and Secure Experience

My Church Events is ad-free, meaning you’ll never have to worry about an inappropriate ad showing up on your church’s calendar. Access your calendar with peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

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Multiple calendar views.

Choose the view that best fits your needs with our 6 different event views.

My Church Events provides a variety of options when it comes to calendar views. It’s easy to choose an option that best fits your needs with our 6 different event views. Change how you view the calendar by church year, month, week or day with just a simple calendar setting.

Monthly event view of calendar.

This Month’s Calendar

This screen view provides a great snapshot of your entire month of calendar events for your church.
View Sample >

Monthly event view of calendar.

This Month’s Event View

This screen shows your current month’s events in list format in date order. Dates already in the past are crossed out. It does not contain a calendar grid view.
View Sample >

Weekly Calendar

This Week’s Events View

This screen shows only the current week’s events in a calendar grid format. You can see the events for one week only as you would view on a typical calendar.
View Sample >

Daily Calendar

Today's Events View

This screen shows the current day's calendar events in a list format.
View Sample >

Daily Calendar

View Events by Resources

This screen shows an example of a calendar month grid view with all events tagged with a specific resource such as a room or equipment.
View Sample >

Daily Calendar

View Events by Interest Group

This screen shows an example of a calendar month grid view with all the resources tag with a particular interest group.
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